What Top 20 Experts Think!

We asked 20 experts, 5 questions regarding the future of Social Media Marketing:

  1. What are the primary strategies you use to engage with your social media followers?
  2. Which are your favorite Social Media Marketing tools?
  3. What are your boldest predictions for The Future of Social Media Marketing?
  4. Which are the new social media platforms you expect will build momentum?
  5. Do you believe social media channels will increasingly become "pay-to-play" for marketers?

The future of Social Media Marketing according to Susie McBeth, Founder at Publish Monkey


Founder at Publish Monkey Twitter: @susiemcbeth
The instant and personal nature is something that audiences are dramatically drawn to.
Your primary engagement strategies?
Sharing high-value content that resonates with my audience and keeping it real. I think it is important not just to share content but also to build relationships by letting people get to know you. I keep my interactions authentic, and heartfelt and nurture relationships.

Creating and curating well thought out content is a must, but so is personalisation and joining in the conversation ? no matter the network.
Your favourite Social Media Marketing tools?
Hashtagify, Tweetdeck, Buffer, Feedly and while not often synonymously thought of with social media Grammarly is one of my favourite go-to's ? making sure the readability and grammar of your posts are on point is so important. Your posts are a representation of who you/your brand are and good grammar and putting my point across in as a succinct way as possible (especially on Twitter) is incredibly important to me.
Your biggest prediction for Social Media Marketing?
That we will all be connecting through implantable tech by the year 2024 ? Not really (though who knows).

My real prediction would be that live streaming video will be the big player by the end of 2017 and dominating in 2018. With the ease, the human connection and the instant gratification and the ability for brands to pull back the curtains and give audiences a live experience of their brand is something that will become increasingly irresistible.
The next up-and-coming social media platform?
Periscope and Snapchat. Both of these are ideal for brands to find and define their tribe. Like I said earlier, the instant and personal nature is something that audiences are dramatically drawn to.
Will SMM become increasingly pay-to-play?
I think it will increase, but not so overwhelmingly. I believe that networks still understand that ?pay-to-play? while perfect for them isn?t always the most appealing thing for marketers or businesses in general (especially small firms and companies just starting out). So I think it will be more of a gentle increase, rather than an aggressive takeover.
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