The Future of SEO in India

What Top 23 Experts Think!

We asked 23 experts, 4 questions regarding the future of SEO in India:

  1. What is the importance of Rankings today as far as you're concerned?
  2. What are your favorite strategies to get your site or content ranked in the Google SERPs?
  3. What would you say are the 3 critical elements to be covered in an SEO site audit?
  4. What features do you think are missing in mainstream SEO tools? Are these any processes you'd love to see automated?

The Future of SEO in India according to Devesh Verma, SEO Manager at WittyFeed


SEO Manager at WittyFeed
Focus on original and relatable content because content is the king and if it is relatable to your audience, it would be highly shared.
Importance of rankings?
If you want to grow faster than your competitors, then the importance of ranking is very high. It helps us understand whether our search traffic is rising or falling. Ranking are essential for competitive analysis. I firmly believe we should use third party ranking tools because there is a slight inaccuracy in webmaster tools and hence, we cannot rely on it completely.
Favourite Ranking Strategies?
There are many strategies to rank your content or site in Google SERPs. I strongly recommend that you should focus on developing original and relatable content because content is king and if it is relatable to your audience, it would be highly shared. Also, it will give many you high quality backlinks and initiate the branding to get better rankings in Google SERPs.
Elements to be covered in SEO site audit?
I would say do not ignore any kind of errors, nor the elements that are connected to your SEO. They might not seem very important at that moment, but they can have a negative influence on your SEO efforts.

And if you ask me about three critical elements, then they would be:
  1. Site load speed - sites which take more time to load are not ranked good. So, Site load time should be less.
  2. I would say during the audit you should check if all search engines are able to crawl all the right pages of your website?
  3. The most important thing is to remove the duplicate content, if any.
Your Dream Feature not present in current SEO tools?
There is not any perfect tool which can get the exact data of each and every link we have on our websites. You have to take help from different tools for different aspects. But personally, I feel if we get a tool which can easily give us insights on all aspects of SEO, then there would be no need of an SEO expert. So instead of pushing a single button as an SEO expert, I would love to do each and every step myself.
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