The Future of SEO in India

What Top 23 Experts Think!

We asked 23 experts, 4 questions regarding the future of SEO in India:

  1. What is the importance of Rankings today as far as you're concerned?
  2. What are your favorite strategies to get your site or content ranked in the Google SERPs?
  3. What would you say are the 3 critical elements to be covered in an SEO site audit?
  4. What features do you think are missing in mainstream SEO tools? Are these any processes you'd love to see automated?

The Future of SEO in India according to Madhusmita Panda, Head Marketing & sales at Aranyani Lifestyles & SAC


Head Marketing & sales at Aranyani Lifestyles & SAC
Ranking gives you an 'almost' clear picture on what factors to follow to be out there.
Importance of rankings?
The Ranking is the basis, the very foundation. Since I live & breathe in a start-up environment it becomes all the more crucial, because there is always a dearth of the most important factors, money & resources and hence you learn mostly on your own, either out of pure passion or simply to avoid marketing spends or costs. Ranking gives you an 'almost' clear picture on what factors to follow to be out there and with practice and no spends you kind of might reach there. I did :)
Favourite Ranking Strategies?
Again I will be talking from a startup perspective. Going slow and steady is what it is for me so that even if you make mistakes (which you will) your exposure is limited and you do get some time to work on them. a) Extensive keyword research, I dig on long term keywords for obvious reasons. b) Content as always remains the king my approach is usually to take the humor or the quirky road as much as I can see) Faster site, no compromise there.
Elements to be covered in SEO site audit?
1. Simple & easy to navigate architecture
2. Internal Linking- so, so crucial.
3. Content analysis
Your Dream Feature not present in current SEO tools?
Plain simple English or maybe vernacular language to help newbies with instructions on what to do or just read that report for me, I hate reports :)
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