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How to create Yahoo Local Listings?

If you have been involved in Local SEO for quite some time now, you would realize that it is much more than what meets the eye. It’s definitely much more than just being on Google.
As we have covered the various points to be kept in mind, while investing your time and resources in Local SEO, I think we are quite clear with the aim, or as I should put it, “the only aim” of Local seo, which is to expand your visibility to be present at every other place (directories, listings, mentions, citations etc) where the potential customer might look for you.
We have already explained how to create Google listings and Bing listings and the importance of each. Here, we will be discussing about how to create Yahoo Local listings. Recently, Yahoo has joined hands with Yext (Yahoo listings is powered through Yext). This means you could control your listings on a full network of premium sites including Yahoo, Yelp, Facebook, Bing etc.
Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to create Yahoo local listings:

Step 1: Create your Yahoo Account and click on “Add a Business”

Click here to enter the page that will take you ahead to create your local business listings on Yahoo. You are required to create a Yahoo Account before going ahead, if you do not already have one. It’s a pretty simple step: simply click on “Register”. Yahoo will send you a one time password on the phone number (that you will provide for your account) and verify it within seconds. Once you create your account, “Sign in” again and come back to this page.



As highlighted in the box in the bottom left hand corner, click on “Add a Business” under “Local Resources”.

Step 2: Fill out the particulars

Once you click on “Add a business”, you will be redirected to the following window:


This is a pretty simple process. Here you are required to enter your:

  • Business Name: As we know that the Business Name represents your identity, so make sure that you are entering the accurate and consistent name. This will not only help the customer to find you, but would also be useful for the search engines.
  • Business Phone Number: This should be your actual local business phone number, make sure you do not enter toll free 800 number here.
  • Your First Name and Last Name

Once you complete this, click on “Find Listings”.

Step 3: Enter your Business details:

Once you are done with the previous step, the following window would appear:

As you can see, the page also shows your listings (if any) at other directories and listings. But we are creating a new listing here, so you can click on “Continue” and proceed with entering your business details:


  • Business Name: As mentioned earlier, enter your correct business name as the same business name will be displayed to the customers.
  • Address: Mention the complete and accurate business address here. This will help the customers find you easily.
  • City, State and ZIP: The City, State and ZIP of your actual physical business location.
  • Business Owner Name: Write the name of the business owner.
  • Business E-mail: The email address of your business, through which the users could connect with you.
  • Number of Locations: You can select from a drop down as to how many of the locations do you personally manage.
  • Website: Here you can provide a link to your website.
  • Featured Message: Enter the concise and accurate description of your business here. You can write here about the features of the products or the services that your business offers etc.
  • Business Category: Select the one which actually describes your business. If you are not too sure, take help of the suggestions which popup as you start typing.

Step 4: Pick your Plan and Checkout

You can read the features of various plans, choose the one that suits you the most and click on “Pick Plan”. The next window will ask you about the billing details, which you can fill accordingly and check out.


This completes the process of building a Yahoo local business listing.


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