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Article Submission: Do they really bother?

Everyday around tonnes of articles are written and submitted, either for their own use or for business purposes. But the point is how many of them get noticed? How many of them get ranked? Are they optimised? Is article submission really important to generate backlinks?
If these are the questions striking you every now and then, then this article is a must read for you.

But what is Article Submission?

Article Submission is a process of publishing articles to the article directories to get backlinks. It plays an important role in doing internet marketing campaigns. The article submissions helps you to gain maximum traffic from your targeted audience.

Article submissions are done for specific websites when it comes to seo.
Those particular websites are easily indexed by Google or other search engines as they are extremely optimised. This improves the searchability of your article.
Well, there are some criteria which you should meet before submitting your articles to any article directory.

Article Submission: Do they really bother?

Well, Article Submission is a way to promote your website that gives you results. They can be submitted in two ways:

  • Automatic Submission : This involves downloading a software which will automatically boost and post your URL to multiple articles. 
  • Manual Submission : This involves reaching out to every article individually and submitting your URL each time.

It is often said that article submissions should be made manual because if needed, they can be modified later but in submission softwares, it is not possible.
Undoubtedly, by submitting articles to article directories will not only enhance your online reputation but will also contribute to your SEO by giving you authoritative backlinks to your website.

How does Article submission benefits?

Article submission is not common nowadays. You will hardly see this practice being used. But there was a time when Article submission was used extensively to create backlinks and to gain maximum traffic. Here are some of the benefits which were seen:

  • Increased Traffic : Article submission is a great off page factor which helps to attract heavy traffic to your business site. This happens when you write an article and submit it to an article directory, you automatically start getting traffic because article directories are already optimized, hence, attracting traffic to your website. Keep submitting quality content and you will see an increase in the traffic of your website.
  • Viral Marketing : Article submission is a great way to viral your article. If your article is interesting, informative and of good quality, people will share it. There might be chances of some website owners using your article on their website leading to more views and exposure.
  • Increased profits :  A great way to earn profit is by increasing traffic on your website. Article submissions play a role in enhancing and attracting huge traffic out of it.
  • Build backlinks : One of the major reasons to do article submissions is to create backlinks. Through backlinks, you get traffic to your website from search engines. Keep submitting articles. The more you submit, the better is the backlinks you create. This will slowly and steadily help you to reach on top in SERPs.
  • Builds Online Reputation : When you submit your articles on article directories, it helps in getting maximum shares depending upon the quality of the content. Article Directories allows your article to gain a lot of exposure to the targeted audience. The articles can be further shared on social networking sites, blogs, forums, etc. This will surely give a boost to your company’s reputation.  

Article Submissions: Limitations

Well, The only limitation of article submission is that you don’t get great writers which can create exceptionally good articles for you. If the articles are of low quality, it will definitely impact your company’s reputation.

Apart from this, Article Submission today, should only be used for marketing content and not for building links. According to Matt Cutts, Building backlinks through Article directories is something he won’t suggest you to do because the content put up there is generally of low quality and spammy.
Matt says, “I wouldn’t necessarily count on that being effective”.
Let’s listen from him what he has to say more about it:


To Conclude

I would like to say, if article submissions are used correctly, it can still be beneficial to you. Make sure, you are not stuffing keywords, plagiarizing the content, or may be just spamming it with low quality content.
Just do it the right way and enjoy the benefits of it!


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