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Social Bookmarking and its use for your business!

Have you ever texted or e-mailed anyone a link which you thought according to you, is beneficial for your friend or mate? Whatever link it may be, a job link, a weight reducing tips site, an impressive motivational video etc then, you have been a part of social bookmarking.

What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking can be defined as a process which helps you to save and restore online information or web pages so that you can use those pages for a future reference. Instead of adding web pages to your ‘favourites’ menu in your browser, it is better to bookmark them, using a social bookmarking site.
Through Social Bookmarking, you can access your saved pages with any computer which has a working internet connection.
The concept of bookmark can be taken as your favourites, or personal bookmarks etc.  

Talking about why do we actually need it. It is so because when we are surfing any site and we find that a particular site is relevant or helpful, we bookmark it so that we can read it later. But what if our computer gets crashed? What if it gets formatted? What if your laptop gets stolen? All your surfed data will be lost. To avoid this situation, we bookmark pages.
When you bookmark your pages, it becomes so simple that you can access all the pages you have bookmarked on any system with a working internet connection.

How is Social bookmarking beneficial for business?

Social bookmarkings is not only helpful in future reference but also helps in sharing the information with friends and family.
Social bookmarkings are a great way to do business marketing. Some of the benefits of social bookmarkings are:

  • Drawing new Visitors - By listing your business in social bookmarking sites, it will help you in driving lot of visitors in the form of viral traffic. People coming on your website from a social bookmarking site are there because your website appeared in the topics which the visitors were looking.
  • Easier to show up on SERPs - If you are on any bookmarking site, there are chances that search engines might list results from there. This means that you have an opportunity to show up in the search results in the SERPs.
  • It helps people to find you as a business and also helps in connecting one business with another.
  • Helps to attract traffic - By adding social bookmarking buttons to your website, it gets easy for readers or viewers to save and share your content leading to increase in traffic.
  • Helps in promotion - If suppose you are on any bookmarking site, there might be chances of you getting tagged(your website) on another websites. Likewise, you can be marked in various bookmarking websites. This is a great way of promotion of your website and it also helps in building links.

How Social Bookmarking Helps in SEO?

When we bookmark any web pages on bookmarking sites, the search engines consider those social bookmarking sites as quality backlinks.
Social bookmarking being an Off page factor, helps in increasing the traffic of the website. Moreover, as we know that quality backlinks also helps in improving traffic and Google pagerank.
This is one of the secret why SEO professionals include Social bookmarking in their SEO practices.

Some Social bookmarking sites!

There are many social bookmarking sites or may be say, social bookmarkings which helps the sites to list the links and make them searchable. Some websites can be private for which you need to pay a fee to search through them. Some of the popular ones are:


A Don’t for Social bookmarking!

Remember, on social bookmarking sites, bookmark your own posts. Generally, it is not considered and ends up having a negative impact on your bookmarks. It might end by not displaying in your keyword searches or may be not be displayed at all to others.  

It is a great strategy to bookmark your website. By bookmarking you will possibly get targeted traffic onto your site. Bookmark you site and you are half done!


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